BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Coffee Maker – Easy & Reliable


</i> Quick Brewing: Efficiently brews up to 12 cups of coffee, perfect for daily use.

Simple Switch Control: Easy and straightforward operation for quick brewing.

Sneak-A-Cup Feature: Allows you to pour a cup before the brewing cycle is complete.

Compact Design: Fits neatly in small kitchens, apartments, or offices.

Easy to Clean: Removable filter basket and dishwasher-safe carafe for hassle-free maintenance.

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BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Switch Coffee Maker – Black

The BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Switch Coffee Maker is designed to provide a straightforward and reliable coffee brewing experience. With its classic black design, this coffee maker fits seamlessly into any kitchen decor. It features a large 12-cup capacity, making it perfect for both individual use and family gatherings. The simple switch control ensures easy operation, allowing you to brew your favorite coffee with minimal effort.

This coffee maker is equipped with a glass carafe and a removable filter basket, making it easy to brew and clean. The non-stick hot plate keeps your coffee warm for extended periods, ensuring that you can enjoy a hot cup whenever you want. Additionally, the Sneak-A-Cup feature lets you grab a cup before the brewing process is complete, perfect for those who can’t wait for their first cup of the day.

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Simplicity of Use and Cleaning

One of the standout features of the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Switch Coffee Maker is its user-friendly operation. The simple on/off switch makes it easy to start brewing, and the Sneak-A-Cup feature allows you to pour a cup mid-brew without any mess. The machine’s compact design ensures it fits neatly on your countertop, making it ideal for any kitchen size.

Cleaning the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Coffee Maker is straightforward. The removable filter basket and carafe are dishwasher safe, making maintenance a breeze. The non-stick hot plate is also easy to wipe clean, ensuring your coffee maker stays in top condition. For detailed cleaning instructions, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Coffee machine: user manual


User Reviews

Positive Reviews:

  • Reliable Brewing: “The BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Coffee Maker consistently delivers great coffee. It’s perfect for my daily routine,” says a satisfied customer.
  • Easy to Use: Another user appreciates the simplicity, stating, “The switch control makes it incredibly easy to use. Perfect for my busy mornings.”
  • Compact Design: “The compact design fits perfectly in my small kitchen, and it looks great on my counter,” mentions a happy buyer.
  • Consistent Performance: “Every pot is excellent, thanks to the simple and effective design. I love the consistent quality,” notes a reviewer.
  • Large Capacity: One user highlights, “The 12-cup capacity is perfect for when I have guests over. It’s very convenient.”

Negative Reviews:

  • Basic Features: “It’s very straightforward, but lacks some advanced features of more expensive models,” comments one reviewer.
  • Size: Another critique points out the size, “It’s a bit large for my countertop, but the performance makes up for it.”
  • Noise Level: “The machine can be a bit noisy while brewing, but it’s not a dealbreaker,” mentions another user.
  • Maintenance: “While the cleaning functions are helpful, regular maintenance is still needed,” observes one customer.


Delicious Coffee Recipes to Try with Your BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker

Enhance your coffee experience with these delightful recipes, perfect for making with your BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Coffee Maker:

Unique Cinnamon Vanilla Espresso: Elevate your coffee with the warm flavors of cinnamon and vanilla. This recipe combines the robust taste of coffee with the sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon and vanilla, creating a unique and delightful experience. Learn more about this recipe.

The Ultimate Latte: Discover the secrets to creating a perfect latte at home. This recipe guides you through the steps to make a creamy and flavorful latte that rivals your favorite coffee shop. Explore the full recipe.


Why It Is a Top-Rated Coffee Maker

The BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Switch Coffee Maker stands out due to its combination of simplicity, ease of use, and reliable coffee brewing. The straightforward brewing process ensures a rich, full-bodied flavor that coffee enthusiasts love. Its compact design, coupled with practical features like the Sneak-A-Cup, make it a favorite for households looking for a hassle-free coffee maker.

Despite some concerns about the basic features and size, its overall performance and quality make it a top contender among coffee makers. For more information and comparisons, check out the best coffee machines guide.

For anyone looking for a reliable and straightforward coffee maker that delivers excellent coffee, the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Switch Coffee Maker is definitely worth considering. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just need a dependable machine to get you through the morning, this coffee maker won’t disappoint.



Additional information

Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 12.3 × 11.8 × 13.8 in
Brew Strength Control

consistent strength, Not adjustable

Brewing Capacity


Carafe Type

Glass carafe

Ease of Cleaning

Dishwasher safe carafe and basket, Removable filter basket

Filtering System

paper filter, reusable filter

Grinder Integration

Not applicable (uses pre-ground coffee or pods)

Milk Frothing Capability

No milk frothing capability

Price Range

affordable, Budget


No programmability, Simple switch operation

Special Features

Auto Pause feature, Dual water window for precise filling, Warming plate

Temperature Control

optimal brewing temperature

User Interface

indicator lights, Simple on/off switch


900 watts